Golden Kaleidoscope: July 2013

Summer Giveaway!!!

Its GiveAway Time! and I have teamed up in our journey to promote  plus size appreciation to offer you divas an amazing giveaway worth over 350.00! If you have been following either of us on Instagram you should be familiar with the amazing movement #goldenconfidence orginated by Manik Mag . Goldenconfidence is a hashtag community where all plus size people are encourage to peal off their cover ups and show a little skin this summer in their swimwear! With that being said, it would only make sense for us to give some of our favorite bathing suits away!!!!!!!! There are 4 different prizes,  4 chances to win and 2 ways to enter  !

Summer Breeze...

 .....makes me feel fine!

I have officially joined the blogosphere! After much hesitation and a push from my fellow blogger friend Shaina from Corner Rich I decided to start sharing my fashion and crazy thoughts with the world. This has been a gorgeous summer full of bright, beautiful colors and daring prints. Nothing sums up the season like multi hued shorts and open toed shoes.