Golden Kaleidoscope: December 2013

Beyonce taught me.

Thick Snacks (Bootylicous)

"Girls love Beyonce"-Drake

Yes, I've fallen into the Beyonce trap. I am a huge supporter of everything she does. I'm not a Stan, just a regular fan.  When I was growing up Beyonce was one of the first public figures I saw that embraced her super curvy figure. I remember her giving an interview about people telling her to loose weight and instead of caving into the pressure and letting those words get to her, she wrote the song, "Bootylicous" (a favorite of mine.).   She let people know that curvy is always in and that her body is too awesome to change! Me and my girls would get together before the club, get dressed to the max; beat the hell out of our faces; take shots of vodka; and jam the hell outta Beyonce while getting ready and in the car.

BK Chillin

Casual Steez 

Just wanted to showcase more of my casual weekend style. As much as I love my tall heels and tight dresses, commuting in that all day in New York City, in the winter time would be a no go. On a normal day you'll catch me in jeans or leggings, graphic sweater and boots or sneakers. What is your casual weekend winter wear?

You Don't Own Me...

"Express yourself, don't repress yourself"-Madonna

"I'm not sorry. I'm not your b*tch, don't hang your sh*t on me"-Madonna

Winter Blues...

Blue Hues and Attitude

I'm a summer baby. If it were up to me I'd be in swimsuits and breezy maxi skirts all day long. This fall/winter has been a complete eye opener for me when it comes to fashion. I'm starting to love fun coats, wool hats, chunky boots and tube scarves. I guess the winter isn't all that bad.