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  1. Love you ladies! Confidence is in!!

  2. I am subscribing to your page via @goldenlady25 on instagram. My instagram handle is (@nakeia_applebum) I love love love fashion and I love to follow fashion forward and empowered people. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I absolutely admire you ladies. as a big girl ive been struggling with my confidence. seeing how beautiful, stylish and full of life reminds me im wonderful sexy and outgoing I am too. #mydailypush thanks <3

  4. hey essie, i always see you looking amazing on facebook and keep telling myself one of these days when i actually get a break (which is almost never) i need to contact her and catch have really done well for yourself and you look amazing as usual ;) hope all is well and i just wanted to say i think what you're doing is pretty awesome. Anyways, definitely gonna check out your blogspot some more...again, when i can actually get a break, lol.

    -Holly Grippi

  5. you've been such an inspiration to me with your confidence and how you stand out and give thick/big girls another reason to be themselves and I would love to join in the journey{of inspiring big girls } in the near future and probably someone will write to me as I have to you ,thank you so much mad love