Golden Kaleidoscope: September 2013

Country girl...

In the big city.

I'm a southern woman to the core. I love my friend chicken (lol), heavy Chevy's and overly gaudy clothing pieces. I deliciously tacky style moments. I love wearing gaudy or overly bedazzled pieces with something simple. I have been on the search everywhere for a denim jumper and I haven't been able to find one in my size. When I saw Dawn from Kaleidoscope Femme Studio post this on her Instagram account I bought it without hesitation. Her website is FULL of awesome one of kind unique vintage pieces. To say I'm in love with it would be a understatement. I'm obsessed and head over heels in love with it. My obsession with vintage is growing. I love having a one of a kind pieces that helps me stand out from others. Not only is this jumper stylish but it is super comfortable. When you're traveling back and forth in the city comfort is a must.


The holiday season is quickly approaching, so will those fancy holiday parties. As most of you know, I love my graphic t's and bodycon dresses but, sometimes I like to be a grown up. During the holidays people will wear items that are a little more extravagant. Furs, pearls, high heeled boots and grandma's expensive jewelry are the go to items during this season. When you walk into these holiday parties you will want to stand out. I am a lover of jumpsuits, rompers (or onesies" as some of my male friends call them). This Monif C. jumpsuit will definitely make your presence known in the room. Not only is it super comfortable, but it is simply sexy and elegant. 

We matter!

Breaking News- Click link to read story

Last Friday I was contacted by HLN to do a special blog piece on the teenager Shelby Buster who went into a Rue 21 store and was asked to leave because she was fat. Body shaming by retail employees is something I have dealt with my entire life. I have been asked rude questions and made to feel less than by employees who felt I was too fat to shop. Ladies, you do not have to be silent anymore, Those days are over! Your voice matters just as much as your dollars. When these clerks go out of their way to make you feel bad, hit them where it hurts. Address it with their managers immediately and if they do nothing; take Shelby's lead and voice your experience via social media.  Please check out my article at and leave a comment on your experience. Thank you guys for helping me carry out this body positive movement. I love you!

I wanna be so dope that it offends people....

I want you to feel a little disrespected when you see me.

Check out Solestruck's blogpost about me!

Last Friday I was featured on Instagram by one of my favorite shoe brands Solestruck. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was featured wearing my new favorite shoes the Carmelo by Jennifer Chou in Neon Yellow and Rue 107's Caged Lover Dress in shocking pink. My excitement died down for a second when people started to attack my size and shape. I typically experience some form of "bullying" on social media, so it bothered me but not enough to kill the moment. People who are stuck in that old fashioned box that you can't be big and stylish are the ones with the most to say. Trust, I'm here to teach them a few things. My excitement was turned to tears of joy when strangers and friends stood up to these cyber bullies. I was taken aback by people's nice, and thoughtful comments. Especially Solesturck's!

Goodbye to you....

"I'd take her if I had one wish, but she's been gone since that summer, since that summer"-LFO

The summer is officially over and to say it was epic would be an understatement. I had THE most amazing summer with the greatest group of women I have ever met. From the beaches in Miami to endless margaritas in Manhattan; I've really had the time of my life. So many women enjoyed the summer in their crop tops, swimsuits, long maxi skirts and shorts. I was truly inspired by everyone's summer fashion.