Golden Kaleidoscope: Because I said so.

Because I said so.



Most of us have heard the infamous, “Because I said so,” when we were children questioning our parents authority.   Now, as adults, we have other adults questioning our authority over our own lives, and asking us to explain ourselves. But why?  I used to feel the need to explain why I was doing this or that, to make others feel more comfortable with my decisions.  I'm not doing that anymore. Now, I understand why my parents and other authority figures never felt the need to explain their actions. You don't have to give an explanation to anyone for why you do what you do. We are all trying to survive this world and be the best we can be. When we start to explain our actions or decisions to people, we are opening them to add their input.  At some point we have to be the ruler of our lives, stand our ground, and be definitive in our decisions. When people question us, asking “Why why why?” about the choices we make in our lives, our answer should be like our parents’, “Because I said so!”

I received this edgy statement clutch from Missguided. The company recently came out with a plus size line, the clothes are very trendy and fashion forward. I absolutely adore their accessories. As soon as I saw this "Bitchin" clutch I knew I had to have it. I love a bad ass piece that speaks for me. This clutch also comes in black and red.

Hat- Here
Hair- Here
Sweatshirt- Here
Skirt- Here
Clutch- Here
Shoes- Here

I received this sweatshirt from one of my favorite indie brand Gifted Apparel NYC. Their items have been seen on everyone from Beyoncé and Jay Z, to Diddy and June Ambrose.  What I love so much about this brand is their originality. Their items resonate with everyone, while still being utterly unique.  


They have been kind enough to let me do an Instagram giveaway! Make sure you're following me, and them for more details.
Thank you again for reading and supporting me.
Photos shot by M76Photo.



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  2. Beautiful outfit!
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  3. You look absolutely stunning!

  4. Love love this look! Must recreate !!

  5. This look <3 gorgeous!

  6. You look wonderful in this black white outfit.