Golden Kaleidoscope: I Got The Juice!

I Got The Juice!


Hey guys! I have some super exciting news to share with you!

I'll be hosting a Styling 101 panel with my girl Sabrina from the Lifetime hit TV show ‘Big Women Big Love’! What's even more special about this is that it will be during the Curves Nation Expo in my hometown ofr Orlando, FL!! It's going to be so awesome to see some of my friends and family as well as show plus size girls from my hometown that we can be stylish too! More details on that event will be coming this week.

Speaking of sunny Florida. my favorite brand Rue 107 recently came out with a Vitamin C inspired collection! Florida is known for producing the best oranges in the entire world. When I saw the orange print, I fell in love. The new collection also features two different kinds of orange prints and one watermelon print. These prints are super perfect for summer and just the right amount of fun for any girl looking to show her summer spirit.

Cover up- Old

Normally, I would NEVER choose a triangle top. It normally doesn't have enough support or coverage. So when Rue 107 sent this to me, I gave them a major side eye. I'm talking MAJOR! LOL!


They told me to try it and offer my honest opinion. So here it is...
I actually LOVE it, lol. I really didn't think I would, but once I adjusted it to my liking, I did.
The top looked great and had enough coverage for my huge boobs. Yes, my boobs are huge. Glad we could get that out the way. I'm a 40H for those wondering and I'm wearing their 3XL top. If you're busty like me, this top will be just fine.  Rue 107 has THE best and most supportive swim bottoms on the planet. They show just the right amount of skin, they're comfortable and smooth you out. If you don't own a pair, get one ASAP!

Top- Here
Keeping up with the Orange theme, Rue 107 sent me a pink orange print off-the-shoulder crop top and matching pink skirt. How cute and fun is this? That's what I love about Rue 107. Their prints and cuts are pure perfection.
Off-the-shoulder tops have been my obsession for a while and you can't go wrong with a bodycon skirt. Both of these pieces would be awesome focal points as separates. You can pair the top with a maxi skirt or cutoff jeans and the skirt can be paired with a denim shirt tied or a regular white tank top. The possibilities are endless!

Hope you guys enjoyed this “juicy” blog post, lol. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon Florida!

Special thanks to M76 Photo for taking such great photos!

*This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own*

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  1. So glad you shared your size because I've wanted to ask because I'm a 40JJ/K and the struggle is real. I haven't had a bathing suit in 3 years because I can't find something that I feel comfortable with. I don't want them low but I don't want to have to rig it up uncomfortable either. I also can't do halter at all *pout* 😕