Golden Kaleidoscope: Something for everyone!

Something for everyone!


Holiday Gift Shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.


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How fast has this year gone by? It was just the summer!
Holiday season is officially here and so is the stressful shopping. I don’t know about you but finding the perfect gift for your family and friends can seem almost impossible. Normally I would online shop to find the perfect gift for my loved  ones. I’ll admit I’m a little lazy and I feel I can find a better deal online than in store.
I was happily proven wrong when I went to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. This amazing Outlet is filled with some of my favorite stores like Nike, Coach, Gap, Michael Kors, and even Yankee Candle! Again, I wasn’t expecting to see too many great deals but I was happily proven wrong. Almost every single store I went into was offering anywhere from 20 to as much 70 percent off!
Below are some of the stores I went to and some of the great deals I found!
Under Armour
Under Armour is the perfect place to find a gift for that athletic family member or friend. Almost everything in store was 20-30 percent off. The greatest deals I found was their sneakers, which were all under 80, and their sports bras were an additional 30 percent off!


I really didn’t expect to find too many deals in a Nike Store and yet again, I was SO wrong. There was something for everyone in Nike Factory Store. Even though most of the items were athletic based, they were super stylish! There were plenty of cool t-shirts, leggings, and sneakers to keep anyone stylish and comfy. They had jackets, tops and sneakers from 20 to as much as 50 percent off! The best deal I found was in the kids section. They had sneakers as little as 10 dollars! I can’t wait to show my little sisters what I got them.

Yankee Candle
Nothing says the holidays like a house filled with the smell of baked cookies or  fresh vanilla. I was in HEAVEN! When I stepped into Yankee Candle. I was in there for a good 45 minutes. Trying to smell as many candles as I could. My friends love candles and I picked up a few for them and myself. The best deal I found was the deal for four large candles for 44 dollars. I will admit I went a little over board in this store. Once my friends see their gifts, they’ll be excited.


My mom is a huge lover of Coach. My mother has a beautiful collection of Coach bags she’s  collected throughout the years, so when I saw the store I immediately got excited. The deals I found in this store were INCREDIBLE! Beautifully crafted bags with the softest leather I have ever felt were as low at 80 dollars!! I had to remind myself I was getting a gift for my mom and not myself. Out of all the store I went into, Coach was offering the best deal for your money. Items were 30 to as much as 70 percent off! Seriously a steal! My mom is going to be IN LOVE with her gift.
I have a few friends who are beyond obsessed with Crocs. So stopping in here was a no-brainer. They had some deals with Kids’ shoes and they also had a buy one get one half off section. I  picked up a few things for my friends.

Kate Spade
Kate Spade was offering an amazing deal of 50% off your entire purchase. I purchased a super cute handbag for my best friends at a super great price. I would show what I found but they’re all gifts. I know I’m going to get the best friend award after this.
Stopping by a Simon Premium Outlets location is worth it. The deals I found at some of my favorite store were something I wouldn’t have found online. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets had something for everyone, including myself. I would definitely recommend you stop by a mall near you and check out the deals they have to offer. You won’t regret it! Thanks for reading and good luck with your holiday shopping!

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