Golden Kaleidoscope: Kings Sh*t

Kings Sh*t

Sometimes you gotta be on your king sh*t. 

Kings inspire greatness!

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of people. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish"-Sam Walton

People are always surprised by a plus sized women with confidence. I've had people stare at me and my well dressed plus sized friends; in stores, restaurants or just walking the streets of downtown Brooklyn. Most of us have heard the typical backhanded compliments; "You're cute for a big girl" or "You would be really pretty if you lost some weight." I sit back and I laugh at people who feel you can't be in love with yourself and have confidence if you're fat. Why am I not allowed to feel good about myself? Why is my larger body some type of disease or handicap to you? Your opinions of my body have no serious affects on my self-esteem. I take pride in myself like a king would. I have my big ego moments where no one can tell me nothing; I look damn good!  I truly feel I am helping women of all body types feel comfortable in their skin and feel beautiful. I feel honored to lead other women down this path of high self worth. So plus size women or (fat women ) be cocky, strut your stuff, make them mad, and wear your crown. Be on your king sh*t and don't let them take your crown.

Fat Leopard Photography

"King E"
M76 Photography

On another note, Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! Today would have been Michael Jackson's 54th birthday and his legacy will forever live on. To say I was influenced by the king would be a understatement. I remember trying to moonwalk and do that infamous lean forward move; busting my lip on my friends coffee table.  Kings inspire greatness and Michael was one of the few artist that inspired all ages and races. His music was and still is timeless. Thank you Michael for changing the face of music and pop culture!

"Everyday create your history. Every path you take you're leaving your legacy"-Michael Jackson

Head piece-gifted
ShirtWatch the throne t shirt
Pants-Tribal pants
Major thanks to Fat Leopard Photography and M76 photo for these great shots!


  1. I love this! Stay being you!


  2. I love this look! I also thank you for being you. I try more things with my clothing now than I ever have. I see the confidence you have and how you are making us plus size women want to be us! Thanks!

  3. I love and appreciate your confidence! Where do you get your clothes from though because I would love to dress as good as I feel!

  4. Hi can you please tell me where I can get that shirt!? The link you posted isn't working! Thanks SO much fly girl!!

  5. Hey i can't find tge tribal pants from that link.

    1. Send her a email. I think I bought the last pair from her

  6. Were can I get the t-shirt from? love it?