Golden Kaleidoscope: Match Maker!

Match Maker!

Growing up my mother had me in matching sets all of the time. One day I went to school late in a matching set my mother forced me to wear, and was absolutely mortified when my P.E. teacher had on the same exact outfit. Things got worse when she yelled out, "Twins!" causing my entire fifth grade class to burst into laughter. Though years have passed, I must admit, I still have nightmares from that incident. This season with its matching sets in fun prints and colors has made me reconsider my stance. Check them out below!

This beautiful vintage number is from Kaleidoscope Femme Studio  and the shoe are from Solestruck (click here). It may be a little more spring than fall, but rules are meant to be broken. Simplybe is selling a similar set (click here) and it on sale!

Please don't judge me on my shoe choices. I couldn't decide which one looked better so I wore both. 

This beautiful set is from One One Three. It's a bomber jacket and matching pants. I turned the jacket around and paired it with a old pair of black heels from Zigy Soho. This set is sold out, but Zelie For She has a few matching sets in skirts. If you're looking for something more casual check out these matching sweats from Forever 21 (top, pants).

Serving up new trends.

Major thanks to M76 Photo for my pictures and Kitty K Free for the help.


  1. So you just gon' have a photoshoot at the coner market and make it look good as hell huh? Fierce Essie! and LOL and you and the teacher being dressed alike! Oh the torture!

    E. Louise

  2. I'm always careful wearing prints but you look absolutely amazing! *proceeds to shop my closet for florals*

  3. Love Love Love! thanks for the mention muah!!!!!

  4. Love this! you are gorgeous!

  5. I'll never forget when my mother put me in a god awful peach printed suit ..YUCK..LOL .I've been traumatized ever since but you are making me want to rock one)

  6. In love with the print !!