Golden Kaleidoscope: I'm coming back on my worst behavior!

I'm coming back on my worst behavior!

And I brought my sister with me!

Chante from Everything Curvy and Chic

The weather in NYC has been so bi-polar lately! One minute I'm wearing boots and the next I'm sweating and taking off my jacket! Chante and I have wanted to do a post together for some time now. While we were doing our usual unnecessary online shopping we spotted this Football Jersey dress on the Forever 21 website and just HAD to purchase it. This dress is from their straight side, but I am a 16/18, and though the dress was meant to fit loose I love it as a body con dress. Both of us paired our dresses with thigh high stockings; I got mine from Torrid. I AM IN LOVE with thigh high stockings! Since my thighs are hella chunky I've let go of the thigh high boots dream. These stockings from Torrid (similar here) with a pair of sky high stiletto boots will do the trick ladies! Fall is here, don't be afraid to get a little adventurous! 

Shades-Brooklyn Vendor
Dress-Game Time 28

Best Bitches!

"But you should know that, I've got your back, it's automatic. So never hesitate to call, cuz I'm your sister and always for ya."-Brandy

What can I say that hasn't already been said. I love you Chante and I value our friendship. Two southern girls with similar  cruel upbringings changing the fashion game. They ignored and doubted us growing up, now they can't leave us alone. To the top baby girl! Let's get it!


  1. Why do I never look in F21 straight size. The bodycon look is very nice on you both. The stockings set it off. I don't know why but my mind automatically want to it's all about the Benjamins video.

    1. Lol you're a mess! Thanks for the love and yes!! Check out both sides of the site!

    2. Hello what size did you get in this dress?

  2. Non plus size. .... @shakira

  3. You guys are killing the game.... as always though!

  4. i would def.. put some combat boots with that dress and stockings lol...but you def got my wheels turning I love you guys and the BlogSpot keep doing ya thang