Golden Kaleidoscope: Aphrodite, its all in the wrap dress.

Aphrodite, its all in the wrap dress.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. 

I received this beautiful wrap dress from my absolute favorite indie company, Rue 107. This dress is called the Aphrodite Dress and my lord this dress is made for women with curves! I instantly felt sexy, beautiful and elegant. Usually, I stay away from wrap dresses, but this one is a little different. I love the high-low part of the skirt, and its overall simplicity. This is a dress that allows you to go all out or keep it simple, like I did with the feather broach and black shoes.  I must admit it caused quite the commotion on the street, and I received lots of compliments from women. So, I think I'll give this "old classic wrap dress" at least one more day of shine before I put it away.

Excuse the undergarments but I loved how my body looked here (judge me.)

Feather broach-old