Golden Kaleidoscope: Polka dots and Sunshine.

Polka dots and Sunshine.

The warm weather was here this past weekend and I was TOO excited! No more heavy coats, ugly mittens or big snow boots. The less clothes I have to wear the better (don't judge me.). My friends and I are already booking trips and planning our day parties in Brooklyn. A few trips to Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New Orleans are on my travel plans. Maybe even a few concerts in the park, and of course - the beach! 

What are your spring and summer plans?

Let's talk about how freaking awesome this chain gold belt is! Alysse from Ready to Stare was kind enough to gift me this. Expect to see this belt in a few more post.

Bodysuits are my everything! ASOS is my go to place for reasonably priced, fun, fresh, and daring bodysuits. Some of my bodysuit have doubled as swimwear (don't judge me.) If I'm only putting my feet in the pool does it matter? don;'t answer that. 

These pants from Forever 21 are one of THE most comfortable pair of pants I own. I sweat, Forever 21 is taking my entire paycheck and I'm okay with that lol.

Gold Belt-Here

I find myself buying tons of printed pants and bodysuits. I love easy, throw-on outfits such as this one. I like items that I can dress up or down, and put on at the last minute. I'll be wearing lots of printed pants in the spring. Followed by a summer of shorts, maxi skirts and maxi dresses. 

What is your take on this outfit?