Golden Kaleidoscope: Boy Bye!

Boy Bye!

I'm Pretty Period!

As women we all hear those so called compliments that we hate.  The back handed kind that are given to us if we are deemed too short, too tall, too skinny or too fat. 


 As a plus size woman or fat girl, or whatever it is full-figured women and girls are calling ourselves these days, we've all heard those horrible double-edged compliments.  "You have such a pretty face, you'd be perfect if you lost weight." Or, "I usually don't date big girls but I'd make an exception for you." And, of course the infamous, "You're pretty for a big girl." God forbid you let them know their sorry ass approach is unwanted.  They get butt-hurt and try to make you feel like they're doing you a favor by even talking to you. Do me a favor? Don't do me any favors. How do you know that I would even like you in the first place? My  larger frame is not a handicap or flaw. I am not a community service project.  There is no reward for talking to me because I am fat. Please don't let the media fool you any longer.  Get out of your small ass mind and into this big girl world. Fat girls are not at home waiting for your phone call or falling for the first guy that speaks to her.  The sad and low self-esteem fat girl is gone. You can stop using those awful lines. We don't like it and it's not turning us on, thanks! 

How freaking awesome is this "Pretty Period." cropped sweater from Flaws of Couture! I received this sweater from the designers of the brand Sasha Renee and Garcia Marie. Talk about a statement t shirt. You guys know how much I love my statement pieces. This one is officially a favorite of mine. While I was shooting this a few women kept asking me where I got this from. Check them out! 

This skirt right here from Mys Elegance Boutique is a curvy girl must. It turned a few heads as I walked down the street. It's so easy to dress up and down. You will see this skirt again. 

By the way, closet chubby chasers come out that closet. No one cares that you like a plus sized women!

Thanks for reading. I love you guys!


  1. ON POINT! that is all im saying and an amazing way to say it too!‎

  2. Rite just keep doin what's best for all women we run the world....Point blank ♥♥♥♥ your confidence @lovebug2477

  3. !!!
    Loving this post! The first one of yours I've read and I'm officially a follower. Gonna stalk your blog for a hour or so. Lol.

  4. Love this post and you are sooo right we are much too confident now to fall for this nonsense....back in the "ole days" as I call them larger women didn't have much self esteem, I know I didn't anyway...but at the age of almost 52 years old I have finally come into my own, and you are also right you are beautiful period end of story

  5. Do you know where else I can get that skirt?

  6. Essie, you are by far my FAVORITE plus size model!

  7. Beautiful big girl, just do yourself.

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  8. That's right Miss Golden, if any bloke is making comments like that towards you to begin with then they obviously don't even really want you for the right reasons to begin with. Love doesn't judge. They either want all of you or they don't. Evidently, they're losers who are looking for something they will never find. Good for you knowing who you are and what you're worth. If only more people had your self confidence.