Golden Kaleidoscope: I Wanna Thank You!

I Wanna Thank You!

"Spread Love it's the Brooklyn way."-B.I.G.

I really don't have to much to say. I just wanted to tell you guys thank you for all of the love you've shown me lately. At times I wonder if anyone understands my style. Hell, I don't understand my style. Either way, thank you for every kind word and well wish. It means more to me than words can express. Please continue to inspire me just as much as I inspire you. God Bless!

Karen's Closet New York is officially one of my go to places. The owner of the shop Karen put this outfit together and as I saw it on me I did my happy dance (don't judge me.) Her shop carries straight and plus sized clothing, as well as beautiful accessories. If you're in the Brooklyn area please check her out. You will not be disappointed. 


How freaking gorgeous is this bag?? Check it out here!

Thanks again for reading my late post! I love you guys!

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