Golden Kaleidoscope: Nothing is original.

Nothing is original.

"Steal from something that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination."-Jim Jarmusch

Let's be honest, we're all inspired by other people's fashion. There's nothing wrong with being inspired,as long as it is not a direct copy, and you're making it your own! I was inspired to wear this neon green kimono, after seeing my friends, Ivory Jinelle, and Candace Nelson, wear their kimonos with pants, and skirts (check out their awesome sites).  Who doesn't like a long train? Are you a fan of the kimono trend?

Forever 21 offers these curve hugging jeans for 15.80! You can beat that. The fit is awesome and very comfortable. I recommend you buy a pair before the sell out.

How gorgeous is this combination? Check out Candice Nelson's  Instagram

Ivory Jinelle's style is always playful, colorful, and simply chic. Check out her blog.

ShirtSimilar Here
Shoes-Similar Here

I completely forgot that Nine West offers stylish trendy shoes up to size 12! They are always having a sale so I purchased these white heels and a pink pair for 30% off each pair! The shoe Gods must love me lol. Thank you again for reading. 


  1. I love the long kimono trend I hope to get more soon, currently i only have a black one but i love your neon one!

  2. That Kimono is everything! You look incredible xxxx

  3. Love your look, especially all the bright colors, and the shoes are my absolute favorite! #fiercestyle

  4. love the look !! you're fierce and sexy
    i like that