Golden Kaleidoscope: I can't dress.

I can't dress.

I'm trying though.

“That doesn't go together”, is a phrase I often hear from my friends. I’m either not doing enough, or doing the absolute most.  There’s no middle grown with me.  I am working on that. I dress based on feeling. I sometimes envy those who live, eat, and breathe fashion. They study trends, understand print mixing, and can envision the perfect outfit with their eyes closed. I just wear whatever works for me in that moment. Many of my friends plan their outfits in advance, and even though I try to do the same thing, I end up getting dressed twenty minutes before I leave the house, or before a shoot for a blog post LOL! I’m working on it though. I’m still trying to navigate this whole fashion world. I’m so happy plus fashion is expanding and giving me the opportunity to grow into my sense of fashion, whatever that may be.

My birthday was last month, and as a thank you, the awesome company, Fashion to Figure, sent me a nice gift card, for a few items on their website. I love that they are not only trendy, and fashion forward, but affordable! When I saw these joggers on their site I didn't hesitate to add it to my cart. I love how comfortable they are, and of course, big thigh friendly. I’m wearing a 3x, but I wish I would've gotten a 2x, because it is a little big in the waist. But the fit is good, and will be perfect for winter.

I received this off-the-shoulder shirt, from Ekineyo. This company gets it right every time! The fit is perfect, and it’s a shirt you can easily dress up with a skirt, or dress down with a pair of jeans, and flats.
 As most of you know, the chain belt from, Ready to Stare, has been a wardrobe staple since last year. She upgraded it by adding a third layer, and of course I LOVE IT! I may wear both belts together to make it a little more over the top. I will continue to support Ready to Stare. If you haven’t already, check out her items.  You will not be disappointed.

Torrid, is a company I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I saw these shoes on their site in the clearance section, and decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did! These shoes are so comfortable! I mean COMFORTABLE!!! The best thing about Torrid is that their great shoe selection comes in wide sizes, up to size 12. It’s extremely difficult for any women over a size 10 to find a fun and fashionable shoe, and Torrid does that for me. Since I’ve purchased this shoe from their site, I’m on it twice a week to see what new shoes have hit. They’re helping to make this winter a fashionable one. These shoes are on sale for 26.48! Hurry up and by them before they sell out.

Top- Here
Chain Belt-Here

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading. Thank you Kitty K. Free for all of your help. Thank you to my photographer M 76 Photo for capturing great photos!


  1. This is an honest post. I find that I am the same way. I am either going to slay that day, or turn the masses away.

    One reason is I really like to be comfortable. Especially since I have a broken toe, and can no longer wear heels. Which now I'm dreading because I do not own not one flat shoe.

    What's even funnier than that is I can see something and put pieces together for others, but cant seem to pull it off for myself.

  2. I usually put my clothes together beforehand and sometimes i have an idea but when i put it on, it just doesnt look right :D

  3. Hey Essie!!! I love these jeans AND the blog!!

  4. Your face is so beautiful! And I love this outfit - pure white is a perfect color for you, it complements your skin tone, and this golden chain-belt plus the shoes = LOVE!