Golden Kaleidoscope: Ten dollar plus size jeans

Ten dollar plus size jeans

It's Trueeeee!

Ten Dollar Jeans from Forever 21! Yes, plus size girls you're not reading wrong. The jeans I am currently wearing were only ten dollars, and they go up to size 22!  Growing up, jeans were always the hardest thing for me to buy. Having big thighs can keep you warm in the winter, but suck when you're trying to wear a pair of jeans. Jeans either won't go up my thighs, or when they do fit my thighs,  I have a huge gap where at the waist. With these jeans only being ten dollars (plus they had a free shipping code at the time), I said, “hey why not?” No big risk. I'm glad I did. These jeans have become a favorite of mine. They have just enough stretch to make these thighs look oh so good! They're comfortable, and not to mention, no crazy waist gap (smiles!). The jean God's have spoken!

Confession, I've worn this shirt a few times before in this blog. I LOVE the fit of this shirt! Having big boobs like mine means a button up shirt is a, fantasy-only, type of shirt. A no-no, never-happing kind of thing. Surprisingly, this shirt worked for me. It is a little sheer, but nothing too noticeable. I bought this shirt from, Wet Seal Plus Sizes, when they were having one of their many sales, and I must say this company is getting it right. The pricing, and fit of their clothes is on point. Not to mention offering 15-20% off every week definitely helps my buying process. They've taken my money a few times over the past couple of weeks, but fashion has its sacrifices LOL!


Let's take a moment to look at how gorgeous this fringe purse is... I mean my God! I adore it.  Fashion to Figure, was kind enough to give me this purse for my birthday, and I find it being my go-to on a night out, or a day brunch with friends. You will see this purse in another blog post for sure.

Thank you again for reading! Special thanks to Kitty K Free for all of your help! 


  1. i love this combo! OMG i wish i could find some $10 jeans over here. I always have the same problem like you as well. Shirts were never a big problem but pants, yikes!!!

  2. really cool outfit and love that fringed bag

  3. I definitely hope to see that purse in another post because it is gorgeous! I have the same jeans conundrum so I will have to check those out!