Golden Kaleidoscope: Wrap it Up!

Wrap it Up!

Ashley Stewart Wrap Dresses.

 I’ll be the first to admit I've had a vendetta against wrap dresses for a while. Really, with all of the advances and gains plus fashion has made, why in the world would a full-figured woman settle for a wrap dress?  For the longest time wrap dresses have been the go-to style for plus sized women, because they accentuate the waistline, and give practically anyone, plus or not, an hour glass appearance. I felt most of them are boring, with colors and patterns more suited for my mother, than for me. I've even made a few public posts about how drab they are.  Well, now I'm forced to eat my words.

 I recently saw this gorgeous, snake skin dress on Ashley Stewart's site, and I had to have it! The model Monique Robinson truly helped with my decision. I mean, she looks like money in this dress! I love bold, big prints, and nothing is bolder than snake skin and red, together.  Plus, this style gives you excellent cleavage! And who doesn't like a good cleavage-giving dress? For those who aren’t ready to be so bold, wear a cami underneath it, and it still looks great.  Summer will be here before you know it, and maxi and sundresses are a must. During the warmer months I hate items that are clingy. I need airy, breathable items like this dress. 

Shoes- Here

 I paired this girl’s maxi with my go-to sandals, from Simplybe. To all of my ladies with big, and wide feet like mine, check out Simplybe's selection of shoes. Their EEE sizes are perfect for women with wide feet, and they go up to size 11. I feel that the 11 EEE can easily fit a regular 12. The sandals that I'm wearing are the definition of comfort. I wore these around L.A., and my feet were still happy with me at the end of the day. These shoes also come in a few different colors like, black, silver, and blush. They even have a few with stone embellishments! You know I had to purchase a few pairs to go with my summer wardrobe. 
To all of my anti-wrap dress ladies, give it another try!  I did, and I’m loving it!
Thanks for reading. Thank you Kitty K Free for all of your help.


  1. Beautiful =) I love your long hair. I had long hair as of 2 weeks ago but my hairdresser got a little bit too excited chopping it down!

  2. Thanks for this article. You just showed me the light on this Ashley Stewart site.

  3. Love dress,I think I'm falling gorgeous keep it up.

  4. It was amazing meeting your today. God bless you and keep up the great work !!!!!

  5. Who is your model? She's Beautiful!