Golden Kaleidoscope: She's Got Legs.

She's Got Legs.


Let’s talk shorts! I will be the first to admit shorts, and short skirts are things I normally stay away from, because I'm in a love hate relationship with my thighs. I love the way they fill out a pair of skinny jeans or a bodycon skirt, but I hate how pale, and huge they can look sometimes when exposed. Yes, I said it! I admit it. I'm not the most comfortable when comes to my thighs being on display. They rub together, and are really light in comparison to the rest of my body. I think I look like a crazy lady in anything above mid-thigh. I am, however, learning to get over my silly fears.
Summer is coming, and I refuse to be hot and sweaty, because of insecure thigh moments!

 I remember the first time I wore shorts, after graduating high school.  I was walking around New York City just waiting for someone to tell me to put my thighs away.  But that didn't happen. No one cared then, and I doubt they’d care now.

We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, and tell that little voice in our heads to shut up! We often see our bodies as much worse than what they actually are. Reprogram your thinking. I often have what I like to call "test sessions." I'll purchase something that I really love, but may not be too comfortable wearing. I'll rock a pair of shorts, or a dress outside, for an hour or two, just to see how I feel wearing it around others. Once I realize I'm ok, I’ll wear it out for real. Weird, huh?  But it helps me.   
Blazer- Sold Out
Romper- Here
Shoes- Here
Bag- Here

So don't be scared ladies! Give those beautiful legs some sun, and kill every outfit with confidence!


  1. I have the same thigh complex but yours look great!

  2. I have the same thing. I'm most self conscious of my thighs for sure. It's true what you said about it being silly though! It is sooo stupid and not even worth worrying about. You have beautiful thighs! I adore the heels. It truly is all about confidence.

  3. Wow wow wow! I have the same complex about my thighs. I just bout a pair of denim shorts from Torrid. I have not worn shorts in probably 15+ years. I will give your "testing sessions" a try. You look great as always. I will ask the same question as others have asked......where can I find the bras you wear?

  4. YES! Crazy sexy. I recently bought my first playsuit ever, and I'm not sure how I feel in it, I think I need more time to truly be comfortable in it.
    PS: Still swooning over that gorgeous bra from Lane Bryant you put on instagram the other day

  5. Thank you for posting this! I always have a love/hate relationship with my hips and thighs lol I get compliments on them, but i also can't get them into pants and jeans that i really like lol! I love the idea of your test sessions and i WILL be doing a couple for this summer.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  6. Love this post! You look great and your words are encouraging. I haven't worn shorts in over 20 years but I was thinking about taking the plunge this summer. Thanks for the extra push!

  7. I love this look so much that I had to mosey on over from Instagram to your blog and pin it! Nice look and your legs are fabulous!

  8. I love this look so much that I had to mosey on over from Instagram to your blog and pin it! Nice look and your legs are fabulous!

  9. Love this look! I'm not sure that I'm ready, but I'm tired of suffering in the summer. We shall see!