Golden Kaleidoscope: All White.

All White.





When thinking of summer outfits, all-white is something that comes to mind. As much as I love white, I stay very far away from it. Not only is it one of those colors that is very unforgiving, but every stain and piece of dirt shows up on it. I already do horribly with colored clothes (growing up they called me “Messy Essie, LOL), so wearing white is somewhat of a venture for me.  However, along with breaking the fear of showing my legs this summer, I'm also conquering my fear of wearing white.

With so many summer events calling for all-white, I have to get over my fear of showing my food accidents on my outfits LOL!

Recently one of my favorite stores, Fashion To Figure, came out with an all-white look book, and I become inspired. I decided to try my first all-white look.  I'm not a lover of peplum, but I do love how it conceals the lower stomach, while making your waist look smaller. So, when I saw this peplum top, it spoke to me, and purchased it.  I love how it fits!  Plus, it's cut low enough to show some summertime cleavage WOOHOO!

 I tried the Lydia jeans, in black, and absolutely loved the fit, and the ankle cut.  But, I will give you a heads up—it is a little sheer. It will show everything in some lights. I personally would wear a light shaper underneath, to help smooth you out.  I was super surprised by how great my butt, and thighs looked in these jeans!  It's a must buy ladies—seriously.

On another note, my newest obsession has been platform heels. I originally saw Stylish Curves post these Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Heels, and fell in love with them. It wasn't until two of my other friends mentioned they’d purchased them that I went ahead, and bought them too. I'm so glad I did, especially since I purchased the last pair in my size! The shoe Gods must love me! These shoes are super comfortable and cute. You will definitely see me in these again.

Purse- Gifted

 Don't be afraid to try all white this summer ladies!
Thanks for reading! Thank you Kym for taking such great photos of me and Kitty K Free for all of your help.


  1. This outfit is amazing. Im not an all white type wearing person but it looks great on you. Im not scared that there are gonna be to many accidents :P

  2. I wish I could rock the peplum top!! Love the outfit!! Very cute on you!!