Golden Kaleidoscope: Nola Getaway.

Nola Getaway.


Catherines Style

New Orleans or, NOLA as folks lovingly call it, is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world! Every time I touch down in that magical city I instantly feel at home. The food, the culture, and of course, the incredible people, make me feel like I belong there.

I had the amazing opportunity to visit my home-away-from-home on a Catherines blogger getaway, with my new found blogger babes, Jeniese of
The Jenesaisquoi, and Jolene of Boardroom Blonde. While we experienced all of the wonderful things New Orleans has to offer, we wore some gorgeous pieces from Catherines.

NOLA brings to mind everything from bold fun prints, to non-fussy and casual looks. I was happily surprised to find
Catherines had that and more! I picked out all of my pieces after seeing a
few on my blogger friends outfits. I wanted to steal the clothing right off their backs, LOL!

Let's get right down to my favorite item: the jeans! I've talked about my struggle finding the perfect pair of jeans. Catherines has it! I absolutely loved the fit. They were comfortable and hugged my curves to perfection.

I have a small confession; I'm a super lazy dresser. I'm a fan of finding an outfit, and getting dressed all in ten minutes. Especially, in the warmer months. My go to outfit is the maxi dress. When it comes to maxi dresses in basic colors, or bold prints, Catherines has you covered! I loved that I was able to explore the city in a simple dress that not only made me look good, but I was super comfortable!

For the first time in forever, I wore an all-white outfit, and not only felt extra cute, but once again, comfortable. White can often be unforgiving and show everything, but these pants looked awesome on me! The girls flooded me with compliments, so I must have done something right!

My absolute favorite outfit, outside of the jeans, was this gorgeous floral print fringe dress. This dress is perfect for a night out with your bae, or seeing your ex at a party, and making them regret every bad thing he or she has ever done to you (wink). This dress is definitely a head turner, and a must for every curvy girl. It made me want to go dancing, even though I can't two step to save my life (trust it’s not a sight you want to see, LOL).

If you're looking for a place that instantly makes you fall in love go to New Orleans. I truly enjoyed myself there. And, if you want to look good while you soak in the city, wear Catherines!

Get all of my Catherines Pick's here. Thank you Cathrines for an amazing trip.

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*


  1. Ughhh!! The architecture is beautiful there and so are you ladies :) !! I want to go to NOLA!!!

  2. I love how cute this design is and it is shorter in length than some more formal dress. I really like women's plus size clothing because i am too little bit fatty.. :P

  3. Great post !