Golden Kaleidoscope: Swimwear and Confidence

Swimwear and Confidence

Wear What You Want!

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching and I’m beyond excited! Which is not something I’ve always been able to say. However, plus­-size fashion has come such a long way that I am simply thrilled about beaches and pools, and just the overall bliss of summer.

I remember the first time I ever purchased a swimsuit as a teenager. Being plus­size my whole life, finding fun fashionable clothes was next to impossible. My mother and I went to a department store to find a swimsuit, and the only one I was able to fit was a Mickey Mouse life guard swimsuit, with a whistle attached to it. Imagine trying to fit in with a whistle around your neck?

There’s this ridiculous rule that plus size women shouldn’t wear stripes. I say forget the rules and wear what you want. I love this printed two piece from Cacique exclusively at Lane Bryant. I love the bold print and bright colors. It’s perfect for summer!

If you’re not a fan of bright prints go for dark colors. You’re the most confident in anything you wear when you’re comfortable! If you’re heavy chested like myself, this tankini is perfect! This underwire tankini from Cacique, exclusively at Lane Bryant offers some of the best support over ever had in a swimsuit.

My insecurities never stopped me from enjoying some fun in the sun, but I always carried my security blanket with me: a pair of shorts or a t-­shirt that covered my so­called problem areas. What a crazy thing to do now that I think about it. I wore these things to protect myself from people I thought were making fun of me, or my body. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few idiots who may say some things here and there, but there are not crowds of people wielding pitch forks, wanting to kill you for wearing a swimsuit.
You can wear any and everything you want! Especially a swimsuit. Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws. At a size 18/20 my thighs jiggle, and my body comes with stretch marks and dimples, but that is not and will not stop me from wearing a swimsuit and enjoying myself. If I can do it you can too! Don’t let society’s unreachable (and most often bogus) standards stop you from enjoying the summer in a one, or two piece suit!
Last year I threw the first ever body positive pool party. It was brimming with beautiful women of all shapes and sizes in every kind of swimsuit imaginable. Every single person looked amazing! Their confidence was contagious. The Golden Confidence Pool party showed me that every body type looks good in a swimsuit.

Pink is my favorite color. I feel the most girly and confident in it! I love absolutely love this skirted hot pink bottom from Cacique exclusively at Lane Bryant. They’re adjustable, so you can show a little more or a little less. The support the top offers is some of the best I’ve ever had. I love the peek a boo cut out. Who knew a tankini could be a little sexy!

So wear your bright colored swimsuits with or without a cover up. Don’t forget to wear the most important thing of all, your confidence!


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