Golden Kaleidoscope: I wanna be so dope that it offends people....

I wanna be so dope that it offends people....

I want you to feel a little disrespected when you see me.

Check out Solestruck's blogpost about me!

Last Friday I was featured on Instagram by one of my favorite shoe brands Solestruck. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was featured wearing my new favorite shoes the Carmelo by Jennifer Chou in Neon Yellow and Rue 107's Caged Lover Dress in shocking pink. My excitement died down for a second when people started to attack my size and shape. I typically experience some form of "bullying" on social media, so it bothered me but not enough to kill the moment. People who are stuck in that old fashioned box that you can't be big and stylish are the ones with the most to say. Trust, I'm here to teach them a few things. My excitement was turned to tears of joy when strangers and friends stood up to these cyber bullies. I was taken aback by people's nice, and thoughtful comments. Especially Solesturck's!

I was overwhelmed. To have a company of this caliber go out their way to feature me on their blog and say such nice things about me is truly an honor. If you've ever seen the photos of me in high school in gym shorts and sneakers, a.k.a. my-everyday-lazy-wear, you would know why I'm being so extra. I received an email from this amazing company that they have featured an awesome story about me on their blog. I screamed and cried tears of joy AGAIN! LOL!

Ain't no thing Blogpost

I want to commend Solestruck for featuring a plus sized woman. Your company understands that style has no size limit. That all women can express their style with a bad ass shoe whenever she chooses. Thank you for standing up to the cyber bullies. I will forever support your company! I LOVE YOU! On that note, if you're not offending people and pissing them off with your style ladies, you're not doing it right!

Thank you Kitty K Free for all of your help! I love you!


  1. Awwww..... I've never shopped with them but I will now love that they love u just as much as we do keep inspiring us all

  2. You are and will always be my WCW!!! It's because of you and the group of amazing women that are your friends that I've stepped my style game up!!! Again, thank you!!!

  3. Wearing shoes has nothing to do with a woman's size! People fear what they don't know. What they don't know is you are bad ass. Intimidation and jealously is real even in 2013. It will only get worse and more fearful for those that do not know any better. You are my inspiration! Keep Up the DOPE work.

  4. Congrats on your feature. I love that dress on you and those shoes are absolutely TO DIE FOR!


  5. I have always loved, this company shoes but now I have the most respect for them and will cont. to be a loyal customer, and I wanna thank you for being you in all ya beauty. YOU HAVE MADE ME LOVE MY CURVES EVEN MORE, keep doing ya thang..