Golden Kaleidoscope: Country girl...

Country girl...

In the big city.

I'm a southern woman to the core. I love my friend chicken (lol), heavy Chevy's and overly gaudy clothing pieces. I deliciously tacky style moments. I love wearing gaudy or overly bedazzled pieces with something simple. I have been on the search everywhere for a denim jumper and I haven't been able to find one in my size. When I saw Dawn from Kaleidoscope Femme Studio post this on her Instagram account I bought it without hesitation. Her website is FULL of awesome one of kind unique vintage pieces. To say I'm in love with it would be a understatement. I'm obsessed and head over heels in love with it. My obsession with vintage is growing. I love having a one of a kind pieces that helps me stand out from others. Not only is this jumper stylish but it is super comfortable. When you're traveling back and forth in the city comfort is a must.

I love the studded gold detail on this denim jumper!

"I'm not a star? Somebody lied..."-Rick Ross

One of my style icons is my grandmother. She was the typical southern, overly dressed, woman. Growing up she wore big hair, blouses with shoulder pads, peplum dresses, tailored suits and waist slimming jumpsuits. No matter what she wore it looked amazing and effortless. My grandmother use to tell me stories of dressing up in her Sunday's best just to sit on her front porch to show off and make the neighbors jealous. She was full of life and fearless. I remember wanting to have just an ounce of  her courage. Now that I'm older I realize I have some of her fearlessness inside of me. Thank you grandma for being a great example of a spectacular woman. I love you!

Vintage Jumper- Kaleidoscope Femme Studio

"Southern girl here's to you. No one can do it like you do."- Frankie Beverly and Maze

Some random strangers bike I got on...judge me.

"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem"- Lauryn Hill

Thanks again to Kitty K Free  and Greg from M 76 Photo for all of your help.


  1. I'm a southern girl myself and I love, love, love your style! Especially how you are always soooo comfortable yet trendy! I love goudy things and the more bling the better!!!

  2. OMG I freaking love this. The stars made it pop!

  3. You really capture the essence of vintage pieces! I love it.