Golden Kaleidoscope: Golden Confidence

Golden Confidence

Tips for the everyday woman.

Madeline Jones from Plus Model Magazine was kind enough to let me share some of my Golden Confidence tips in the new Love Your Body issue. I've decided to share a few of them below:

Less thinking, more doing. I don't know about you, but I have a habit of over thinking outfits and situations. I end up talking myself out of great things.  Does this look good? Am I sure I'm doing the right thing? Then I turn around, and see someone else doing what I’d talked myself out of, and I get mad at myself.  Just do it!

2. Be comfortable. Being confident is about being comfortable in your skin. Confidence isn't always about rocking the latest trends. It’s about owning who you are. If you're comfortable wearing a brown bag and heels, or a t shirt, jeans and combat boots, do that. Own it!

3. Have a bad day not a bad week. It's ok to not wake up in the best mood. It happens to everyone. We're human. Just don't turn a bad day into a week, month, or year. Feel it and move on.

4. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Sounds crazy? I know, but it really works! On a bad day look in the mirror and say something nice about yourself. "My lips look really nice today.” “My morning breath isn't so bad today.” “My boobs look really awesome in this shirt." One self-compliment leads to others, and can transform a bad day into a better one.
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5. Have a Kanye day. Kanye is known for his big ego and overly confident attitude.  That’s not always a bad thing. Get all done up and have a night out on the town with your girls, or go to a special event.  Every woman deserves to have fun dress-up days. Feel so good about yourself that no person on earth can tell you differently. You're the hottest thing out. Own it!

To read the rest of my top ten confidence tips click here to read it in Plus Model Magazine's Love your Body Issue. Thank you for your support!