Golden Kaleidoscope: Barbie and Self Image.

Barbie and Self Image.

Did Barbie make me hate myself? No.

Barbie alone shouldn't shoulder the weight of our standard of beauty.  Instead of changing her, why not create other dolls that reflect different body types and complexions?  We are putting way too much blame on a doll, instead of looking at what really creates our body and self-acceptance issues, which would be our families.  They have the greatest influence on our body images, not Barbie. The mother who was always on a diet, the grandmother pinching their grandchild's stomach and calling them fat or chubby. And of course fathers who tell their daughters if they are fat they'll never be pretty or have a boyfriend. At the end of the day a doll is just doll. Barbie is a cultural icon, but she doesn't have to be the only one. Read more about this story over at HLNTV  and leave your comments. 

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  1. Very true. I collected Barbie dolls and I never wanted to look like Barbie. Our view points on weight came from our families. Great article!