Golden Kaleidoscope: Winter Blues...

Winter Blues...

Blue Hues and Attitude

I'm a summer baby. If it were up to me I'd be in swimsuits and breezy maxi skirts all day long. This fall/winter has been a complete eye opener for me when it comes to fashion. I'm starting to love fun coats, wool hats, chunky boots and tube scarves. I guess the winter isn't all that bad.

Studded Tights-Here


This Pretty Tough Jacket from Forever 21 is EVERYTHING! Not only does it keep you warm, considering it's such a lightweight jacket, but I simply love the asymmetrical zipper. The versatility makes it great, and at under $50.00 the price is right! 

During the fall/winter time I'm obsessed with tights paired with dresses, shorts or skirts. I saw these tights, Studded Tights, on Forever 21 and I HAD to buy them. I would suggest you size up for a more comfortable fit. I paired it with Bodycon Mineral Wash dress and it fits and feels amazing. The Ankle Booties are from Charlotte Russe and again, were surprisingly comfortable. I wear a size 11 shoe, sometimes an 11 wide, so comfort doesn't always go so well when it comes to wearing heels.

My favorite piece of this outfit is the hat. After seeing Shaina from Cornerrich wear this Hat I had to purchase it. Just like me she wears lots of hair (wink) and has a head shape similar to mine, which makes finding the perfect hat to fit our heads difficult. This is the perfect hat for my big head :).

Can we talk about how amazing this hair is! Thank your to Beauty with Satisfaction  for this luxurious hair.

Thank you again for reading and of course thank you to my photographer Greg from M76photo. You're the best! Happy shopping and thanks for reading.


  1. You look Great here and those tights are a must have!

  2. This look is super chic- LUV!

  3. Hat suits u nicely :)

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