Golden Kaleidoscope: She's your Queenie to be...

She's your Queenie to be...

"On Wednesdays we wear black."-Fiona Goode

Whose the baddest witch in town?

I've recently started watching American Horror Story, and to say I'm obsessed with this show would be an understatement. I didn't watch any of the previous seasons, but after reading multiple articles about the historic and horrific story line, along with the amazing casting of Angela Basset, Kathy Bates and of course Gaby Sidibe, I decided to take a chance and watch it. I'm so glad I tuned in this season! Jessica Lange's character is the ultimate supreme bitch in charge. I love everything about her! Every episode left my mouth hanging on the floor.  Each week I tuned in and commented during the episodes with my Instagram and Twitter followers. We had a great time quoting lines from our favorite characters.  We squirmed in our beds while covering our eyes because of scenes like, Marie Laveau's voodoo curse causing mayhem, and leaving ripped body parts everywhere. And of course, laughing until we cried from Queenie's quick comebacks at whomever crossed her.  Not to mention feeling bad for the lost and ignorant, former torturer, Madame Lalaurie. The writers of this show know what they are doing. Kudos!

Queenie the Human Voodoo Doll.

In last weeks episode my poor voodoo doll Queenie was killed! I had to watch the repeat episode to make sure I what I saw was correct. She died a hero and I'm hoping Mysti brings her back. So, my outfit is dedicated to Queenie and what I would wear if I was attending her funeral. I secretly wish I was in that crazy Coven.  Though, I'm not sure what my power would be. I can't wait for American Horror Story to return on January 8th. Will you be watching? 

Hat-Rainbow, in store only
Necklace-Rainbow in store only
Shoes-Old from Bakers
Chain Belt- Gifted

"You done messed with the wrong witch"-Marie Laveau

"You're no angel either baby"- Beyonce

Once again, Thank you to Greg from M76 Photo for my awesome pictures and Kitty K. Free for all of your help! Hope you guys enjoyed my outfit.


  1. OMG. SWOONING over that skirt. Reeks of sophistication, my love. Amazing!


    1. Thank you gorgeous! I've been stalking your blog lol

  2. You look Great and Mysterious here! You just gave me and idea for a skirt I have. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  3. I have never watched AHS and don't intend to, but you look fantastic!

  4. ugh, you're so gorgeous!
    Love the outfit!!! <3

  5. I wish there was a back view to this! Love it.

    Miz Kane